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by Soliloquium

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Ana Lítica
Ana Lítica  thumbnail
Ana Lítica Love this album beacause it's a beacon for me and for my own Soulsearch from 'The Things I left behind' myself.
Crazily heart touching on the lyrics songwritting part.
Stillwater is my favourtite song no doubt where Stefan develops his deepest growls that embrace you like a deep dark cave.
Special mention to Wolverine's vocalist, Stefan Zell who did an amazing work on Missing Pieces and of course, the producer and his 'Enshining' magical touch, Jari Lindholm.
Great work. Favorite track: Stillwater.
Stefan B
Stefan B thumbnail
Stefan B An amazingly diverse and melodic album full of surprises and an amazing production. Hard to pinpoint the fave song as each song is unique and special in its own way. Favorite track: Soulsearching.
nakilep thumbnail
nakilep Not surprised that this band is expanding to more progressive realms while keeping a firm grip on the blackened elements. The vocal variety adds to sublimely realized performances. It would be ashame if you miss or misinterpret all that or be too quick to judge what comprises a forward thinking installment by Soliloquium
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Floodgates 06:15
Tear myself open for all to see Decimation by own hand Carving out a life, a chosen fate The crumbling house of cards Horizons beyond the dust Where do we turn in these trying times? Unveiling the burning within An empty frame of a life, a gaping hole How could we let it come this far? Destitute, derelict, prolonged realization Survivor's guilt at the greatest cost Turn every stone, uncover every mystery Defective pursuit on my own terms Desperation marks our ways Clinging to the last of ropes All eyes upon, dark night of the soul Boiling points and unspoken sacrifice Poison thorns, tentacles of past The weight of silent habit Here I stand, reborn Firmly anchored in the mire
Stillwater 08:07
Reactive tendency, purging acts of senselessness In the throes of uncontrol, waiting for stars to align Growing alienation severing every tie Fading relations, shrinking worlds, cesspools for us to dwell Justify it to yourself by narrowing the view As you turn away, have you seen the light? Mires of human entanglement - all-consuming, cannot be appeased Alone in the presence of many, assumption of conformity All the small things remind me of what I could never have Yet here I see you, wearing indifference with pride May peace wash over me, reprieve from the unrest Every texture holds the key, sporadic infuse of light The crowns of trees and the stillwater The rugged refuge of the dusty trail Nothing but silence meets the eye Where mankind's heresy means nothing to me Lethargy, it all passes me by Weaved in guilt and exhaustion Futile doubts, I harbor Hollow beacons of light Contrarians and advocates White noise and fruitless tongues My words are left unheard Vestige of a defeated shape
Taking part, serving the eye Scrambling to uphold a hollow mask Self-sacrificed, with a burning hunger You are nothing to them Cursed walks of life, cast to the sidelines Residual abandon Never knowing where the disease ends And the person begins Slam the doors on the brittle and pale Forging pathways through blood and shame Shield your existence, for so you've been told Scream and shiver in echoing halls Condemned to silence for the smallest of scraps Yet they don’t give an inch of their world A sickness lingering beneath, you'll never know their riches Only in pretense will arms be open, silent epidemic Suffer for their ways You've been told, you've been deemed Labeled and packaged for their ease Your search for balance, purpose and control Life-long endeavors remain untold Leaving no mark from your lifeless world Seamless observers from window panes Had all the stories of the world to tell But no-one to listen, from the outside looking in
Time is not a healer Moth toward the headlight The panic of today Discord, dreams and cautionary tales Beacon in the distance That thousand-yard stare Eyes seeking bygone relief Days we thought we were forever Eyes to the setting red sun Fading northern star Hungry tides wash away The last embers of the light Are we just missing what we never had? Thrall of the horizon
Diaspora 07:04
When every road begat to lunacy The irreversible, the unforgiving Tired daily chores, draining restlessness A sickening spiral we've become Summerdreamer, give way to sorrow Flame falls to familiar, all too fast Forge ahead, the rainy tracks Who gave us free will to forsake? What shimmers may not be gold The hunger of derelict souls Who gave us free will to forsake? The mirror's watching eyes Ripe with judgment How can I trust my own hand? Failed architect of my own fate The ravage of constraint, watermarks of sorrow Every smile holds a cavern, haunting every step All that we've lost All that we've failed to see Only the ashes of a dream once woven
Finality 07:05
Bring me to the very edge and pull me back The view over the abyss, I can see forever One last high, or one final low An endmost touch significant Blackbird eyes in the dawning half-light Shadows amiss with jesters The turmoil that mortality invokes Realization of impermanence Growing hunger, resilient need Walls of damaged reason I weave What lies hidden in the dark What lies clouded by constraint Longing for storm's end, the bittersweet comfort Linear absolutes I cannot escape, challenger of the preordained What was once unbroken, what was once concealed What has been foretold, what has been forgotten Engaged in thought, to make the most Entangled, until we forget to live The narrative's confinement, every scenario played out Wreaking silent havoc, our lingering finality The ramblings of broken men Dire tales of displaced innocence Distant horizons in the seeker's eyes Intentions aside, lonely days ensue In the unknowing, the key beyond the veil Purpose eludes me still
In need of a word, in need of a change Retracing each footstep Forgive my failing hand, forgive my profound words Turning stones to find anything that matters anymore I want to feel joy, quiet and peace I want to see the world that never opened to me The fleeting eyes of innocence The long gone treasures of the open mind It's the urges we hate to feel, instincts taught to suppress Yet it might hold the key to it all How can we grow when always halted in our step? Searching, searching Until the lights go out Merely a spark of belief


"The well-written songs are atmospheric and melodic, and rich in emotion and depth. Soulsearching offers the band a broader palette to draw from than previously, allowing them access to progressive and blackened shading, (especially the former). This means that they can take the listener to new places and to new heights, to great effect.

All of the songs are textured and charismatic, instantly presenting themselves as strong pieces of music, but then over time revealing even more strengths for the listener to fall deeply for."

- Wonderbox Metal,

"This album is a perfect combination of melodic death doom metal and progressive metal that builds on a series of catchy guitar riffs, a perfect combination of screams, growls, and clean vocals, excellent bass performances, blaring drums, and hypnotic guitar solos that indulge us with the beauty of its melodies."

- Mianydoire,

Genre: progressive death/doom metal

For fans of: Katatonia, Anathema, Daylight Dies, October Tide, Swallow the Sun, Ghost Brigade, Insomnium.

Bittersweet, existential sorrow from Stockholm, Sweden. Born from the ashes of 2020's "Things We Leave Behind".

"Soulsearching" is the fourth Soliloquium album, marking another step in a more eclectic and adventurous direction. It dives into personal hardships, the mental health epidemic, nostalgia, restlessness and much more. It's an album for those who are still seeking, still feeling - being tossed between hope and hopelessness.

There is empathy and understanding out there, but there is also a lot of hurtful, discouraging darkness. In that duality, hope comes and goes. That's what "Soulsearching" is meant to reflect.

The music is once again mixed and mastered by doom metal aficionado Jari Lindholm (Enshine, Exgenesis, ex-Slumber) and features several guest performances, including two well-known Scandinavian progressive metal singers and Jari himself.

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released February 25, 2022

Stefan Nordström - vocals, guitars
Jonas Bergkvist - bass
Xines - drums

Jari Lindholm - mixing, mastering

Gogo Melone - logo
Ollie Assault - album cover design
Stefan Nordström - album cover photo

Henrik Ekholm - guest vocals (track 3), backing vocals (tracks 4, 5)
Jari Lindholm - lead guitar (track 7), keyboards
Oddleif Stensland - guest vocals (track 1)
Sanna Lindström - cello (track 3), backing vocals (tracks 3, 7)
Stefan Zell - guest vocals (track 4)

Music and lyrics by Stefan Nordström


all rights reserved



Soliloquium Sweden

Soliloquium is a swedish death/doom metal band started in 2011. Our main influences are Katatonia, Anathema, Paradise Lost and October Tide. Soliloquium has grown from a side project to a full fledged band, and our musical horizons are expanding beyond death/doom.

The third full-length album "Things We Leave Behind" is out 16 March 2020 on Naturmacht Productions/Rain Without End Records!
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