Things We Leave Behind

by Soliloquium

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The third full-length album from Swedish melodic death/doom metal band Soliloquium. "Things We Leave Behind" was mixed and mastered by Jari Lindholm. It's also Victor Parri's first drum performance with the band.


released March 16, 2020

Stefan Nordström - vocals, guitars
Jonas Bergkvist - bass
Victor Parri - drums
Mikko Heikkilä - guest vocals on "The Discarded"
Joakim Rudemyr - additional vocals on "Dead Ends" and "Reminiscence"


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Soliloquium Sweden

Soliloquium is a swedish death/doom metal band started in 2011. Our main influences are Katatonia, Anathema, Paradise Lost and October Tide. Soliloquium has grown from a side project to a full fledged band, and our musical horizons are expanding beyond death/doom.

The third full-length album "Things We Leave Behind" is out 16 March 2020 on Naturmacht Productions/Rain Without End Records!
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Track Name: Dead Ends
Flightless, we stand
Firmly on the cursed soil
Was there a war to win?
Racing the clock to no avail

Life has come to a halt
We're still compelled to carry on

Deterioration sets in
Times of forfeiture
A lingering ghost of what once was
Absent-minded, obsolete

Warning signs were ignored
Plunging towards the crossroads
Degraded to nothing
Dead end existence

I turned every wretched stone
Degraded to nothing in toxic thought
I just don't know where to turn
I just do not know
Track Name: The Discarded
As waste are the unworthy, the dregs of life
The defect, the defiant, the unwilling
A crumbling life equation
Consistently endorsed by fingers crossed

Frustration and contempt, a bitter pastime
Deemed unbecoming by pitiful design

Our search of peace is but a burden
Monetized, stigmatized, conformed
Succumb to the frustration
Of a material pursuit that was never ours

We are misplaced in life
Far from the favoured circles
Left to wander, no signs of relief
Meanwhile the shadows grew vast

We sing the song of the discarded
We sing the song of the discarded ones

Lacrimose sleep yields no resolutions
Dulled ambitions of the sufferer
Constructing thoughts in vain
The escapist's maze of mind
Cannot defeat the shackles of reality
Track Name: Reminiscence
No silver lining
In the common misery
Glorified, ashen crowned
Streetlight city swallowing lives

A blank stare beyond the crowd
Pale reflection, a sea of thought
Replay the movies in my mind
Rearranging fallen times

Another shape in monochrome
Another war inside foregone

Enter the silent stage
It's been a scramble, a strange trip
Carry the trace, this reminiscence
The twisted journeys in black and white

There's a sense of yearning
In the weak at heart
To dream with the best of them
Wager war inside

Enter the silent stage
Faded shades of innocence
Fallen times in the darker corners
It's that time again..
Track Name: Existential Misshape
Inner cacophony
Destructive tendency
Obsessions, distractions
Eroding neuroticism

You installed in me caution
A persistent voice of unreason

I gazed beneath into the depths of man
Examined every concept in perilous review

To be so strong, yet so weak
Exhausting mantras inside

Devoid of instinct, an existential misshape

A flaming adversary in sullen silence
An inward turn, a dismal partaking
Track Name: Nocturne
City night brings me back
To retread past steps
Among the moving shadows
Among the distant lights
I'm a fly on the wall

No more profound moments
An overstayed welcome
Repeat the cycle of duty
Submission's inevitable decline

In olden footsteps
Nameless shape on the pavement
Flickering lights, heightened senses
Nocturnal being in transit

Solitary bliss, fevering
Inward reflection
The nights that used to last forever
Just don't happen anymore
Track Name: It Was All Taken Away
Betrayed and abandoned
He closed the doors on life
Lonely days until the final rest
Sorrow's burden
A hesitant smile
A graven image of what was lost

I never wanted you to hurt, nor suffer so
Can I abandon the place by your side?
I never wanted you to hurt, nor suffer so
Can we find meaning, and reconcile?

To the deepest pits of grief
It seems we are destined
To overcome and fall again
Absent reward
Fine winter days
Drenched in sun
The beauty stained by loss

We could only watch
As you were stripped of all your worth
Every promise made
Time can betray
Track Name: A Fleeting Moment
Let my hair down
Faint summer breeze
Like I could breathe
For the first time

Tall trees shifting colors
Finally I can see
So much and so little to say
Have I found my home?
Out of my place of hiding

A fleeting moment
In the wake of a storm
Track Name: The Recluse
Where is the grace?
In our passing lives
Abundance of the worldly
A lack of substance

A senseless race head-to-head with the wilful
Your fight was never mine

I see cold men graceful in their moves
Ready for the next sweeping tide
This tired parade of words inane
What is there to hold on to but the pretense of dreams?

I cannot lower myself, idle another day
Turning away from truth and profound thought
I have seen, I've searched enough
Determined faces and plastic facades

Search in despair for some humanity
Nourish the fading spirit
This is my requiem
My long awaited reclusion

I can't silence the voice
That speaks of detriment
The detriment of human kind

I just never found a home
A sense of common ground
Forever deemed a stranger, yet forced to comply

Do I dare to dream once again?
Govern my own existence
Do I dare to dream once again?
Do I dare to leave things behind?

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